Infomap Python API

Infomap is a network clustering algorithm based on the Map equation.

API Reference


Infomap is available on PyPI. To install, run:

pip install infomap

If you want to upgrade Infomap, run:

pip install --upgrade infomap


Command line

When the Python package is installed, an executable called infomap is available from any directory. To verify your installation, run:

infomap -v

Command line usage is as follows:

infomap [options] network_data destination

For a list of available options, run:

infomap --help

Python package

The Python package can be imported with:

import infomap

A simple example:

from infomap import Infomap

# Command line flags can be added as a string to Infomap
im = Infomap("--two-level --directed")

# Add weight as optional third argument
im.add_link(0, 1)
im.add_link(0, 2)
im.add_link(0, 3)
im.add_link(1, 0)
im.add_link(1, 2)
im.add_link(2, 1)
im.add_link(2, 0)
im.add_link(3, 0)
im.add_link(3, 4)
im.add_link(3, 5)
im.add_link(4, 3)
im.add_link(4, 5)
im.add_link(5, 4)
im.add_link(5, 3)

# Run the Infomap search algorithm to find optimal modules

print(f"Found {im.num_top_modules} modules with codelength: {im.codelength}")

print("\n#node module")
for node in im.tree:
    if node.is_leaf:
        print(node.node_id, node.module_id)

Please read the infomap module reference to learn more.